Mission Product Fundraising

“…all profits go back to the workers and maintenance of the farm.”

A sweet mission.

The Orphan’s Refuge Honey Farm was founded by Bill Passaglia in 2017 after a mission’s trip he took to Zambia with Hands on Africa.

Like many people, Bill was moved by the great poverty and child abandonment that has plagued Zambia.

Passaglia recognized that one of the reasons Zambia has remained in poverty is, ironically, the over-abundance of goodwill that has continued to flood the country from generous donations. Gifts of clothes, shoes, food, and other necessities to the country became so commonplace that those native industries went out of business and put many Zambians out of work permanently.

Bill’s idea was simple. Create an industry that is run by Zambians and whose profit directly benefits Zambians. Bill purchased property near Saint Mary’s Mission in the Lufwanyama Province, an area abundant in native flora, and paid young men recently released from local orphanages, with no hope of employment, to construct and disperse the hives. Today, the honey collected by them is sold in Zambia and all profits go back to the workers and maintenance of the farm.

The Orphan’s Refuge Honey Farm is a self-sustaining model that brings employment and dignity to Zambians.

Orphan Gold is a registered 501C3 non for profit registered organisation.


Orphan Gold Honey is not modified through pasteurization, homogenization, or filtering!

Our honey is harvested from hives that are part of the Planet Bee Foundation, an industry organization dedicated to only the purest honey. We ensure that our honey is never diluted or contains dangerous carcinogens.

  • Orphan Gold Honey is
  • Raw
  • Unfiltered
  • Organic
  • USDA Certified

A fund-raising strategy that helps two great causes.

One Sweet Deal!

Orphan Gold provides an opportunity for you to sell their honey to raise money for your organization. It is a healthy, all natural alternative to other fundraising products.

For more information, email info@orphangoldhoney.com

Here is how it works. Order Honey from us in 12 packs at wholesale price and sell to your contacts for $10 to raise 100% profit for your cause, while also helping raise funds for our cause.  If you are interested in using Orphan Gold Honey as your fundraising project, contact Bill at bill@orphangoldhoney.com.